The Sanctuary

Based on the clear evidence that support the crucial role of sanctuaries in conservation, Akatia is establishing a sanctuary in Cote D’Ivoire.

The Sanctuary is based on the protected forest reserve, Yapo-Abbe, which is 30 km north of Abidjan. It covers 4,500 hectares in the forest, including a 250 hectare camp and a 2000 hectare zone for activities such as bush walks.

The Impact of the Sanctuary

Economic Benefits

On average it costs almost 2,000 euros a year to feed a chimpanzees. The food needed for the sanctuary will be purchased from the local community, providing them with an important source of revenue. All local staff will be recruited from the surrounding communities. Finally, Akatia will also conduct micro-projects to introduce new revenue streams to surrounding communities in order to discourage the sale of bushmeat.

The sanctuary is a not-for-profit entity but guided visits will be conducted. The sanctuary can therefore provide additional income to the surrounding area by increasing tourism.

Education and Sensitization

Akatia will organize educational and sensitization campaigns both at the sanctuary site and nationwide. In collaboration with local authorities, Akatia will in the first years organize educational events in the communities surrounding Yapo-Abbe including in schools to improve the protection of the forest. Additional media campaigns will be organized to promote primate conservation at a national scale.

Protection of the Forest of Yapo-Abbe

The priority of the project is to promote the conservation of primates, but Akatia will also work to improve the protection of the forest and the wildlife located there through improved surveillance and increased patrols. Studies have shown that wildlife in the areas surrounding sanctuaries increase 50% in the first 10 years of the sanctuary.

Cote d'Ivoire's chimpanzees need your help.

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